The essential tech you’ll need for college or school

By: September 7, 2020
best phones and l,aptops for going back to school

What technology do you need to thrive in this academic year?

Have a look at the offers below. We know that budgets can be tight, so we happily recommend new products as well as refurbished tech from Mint+.

Refurbished iPads Mini 4 – special offer of €319 – buy here.
Small, lightweight and great value, iPads are perfect for back to school or university. Not only are they lightweight and easily transportable, they also offer many of the same features as laptops. Add on a smart keyboard and your new iPad is ideal for taking notes.

Buy a new one for $286 by clicking the image above.

Google Wi-Fi Router – now €169 – buy on Mint+.
A new type of connected system that replaces your router. Get seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and student accommodation, helping eliminate dead zones and buffering.

Buy the router above for $70.

iFrogz Airtime Pro Bluetooth Earbuds – now €60 – buy on Mint+.
Enjoy wireless music for up to up to 20 hours with iFrogz Airtime Pro Bluetooth Earbuds. Compatible with all iPhones and Android smartphones.

Buy the new ones above for $70.

The Samsung Galaxy E-Fit Watch – now €40 – buy on Mint+.
A great alternative to more high-end smartwatches but at a very affordable price. The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch has all the functionalities you would expect from a smartwatch including incoming call monitoring, SMS messaging, and calendar reminder notifications.

Mint+ iPhone 8 64GB – From €279 – €449 – buy on Mint+.
The iPhone 8 isn’t far behind Apple more recent offerings in terms of camera quality or battery life, but at a much lower price point.

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