The lockdown meant more marketing but fewer sales for SMEs

By: July 14, 2020
selling online during lockdown hubspot data

HubSpot data shows businesses increased productivity but still suffered a loss of sales during the lockdown.

New data emerging from the lockdown suggests that SMEs, despite greater sales and marketing efforts, are now fighting for survival.

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have affected every single aspect of social and economic life in Ireland. When it comes to business and ‘working from home’, new data suggests people are sending more emails and spending more time online, pointing to greater productivity. However, while people tried harder to sell through the lockdown, their efforts were not rewarded.

According to HubSpot’s analysis of its 70,000 global customers’ activity, Irish businesses are sending on average 30% more emails than they did pre-lockdown.

This new HubSpot data paints an intriguing picture. As businesses adapt to the pandemic fallout a few things are becoming clear:
1: Businesses are communicating more, with their customers and colleagues, even in industries such as travel which have suffered heavily.
2: Despite many businesses being closed, email open rates, web traffic and customer-initiated conversations have all increased since the start of the lockdown.
3: However, small businesses are struggling and many SMEs are fighting for survival. Just looking at the Deal Pipeline graph gives a very worrying indication of just how negative the pandemic impact was for SMEs.

Data from Irish businesses
Website traffic
Web traffic continued to climb throughout lockdown, peaking at +39% against pre-COVID averages at the end of June.
Marketing email sends
Marketing emails sent by Irish companies were 31% above average at the end of June, the highest since the start of the pandemic.
After dipping in late April, this seems to have surged following announcement of the loosening of lockdown restrictions.
Marketing email opens
Marketing email open rates were up 15% on pre-COVID averages, the lowest figure since the pandemic started.
A big surge to +63% came when announcements on loosening lockdown were made, with the figure declining since then.

Explore the data here.

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