Three of the best smartwatches you can buy

By: November 10, 2020
the best smartwatches to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – a brilliant device

Smartwatches have become personal fitness trackers as well as notification tools for busy professionals. Below are three of the best smartwatches in the world right now. Simply click on the images to find out more.

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At number three is …
The Fitbit Versa 3 (above)
This light and comfortable part-smartwatch-part-fitness tracker from Fitbit is a brilliant mid-level smartwatch. Buy here.

At number two is …

The Apple Watch 5 (above)
This is the best watch you should get if you run an iPhone. The Apple Watch 5 now has an always-on slightly larger display but still manages to look neater than its predecessors.

It’s an excellent buy for sports and fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a variety of high-end features such as an ECG monitor, GPS tracking, and a perfect heart rate monitoring function.

And our pick for the best smartwatch in the world right now is …

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (above)
This is, currently, the best smartwatch money can buy. It has lots of reliable apps and the unique rotating bezel makes navigating around the smartwatch a pleasure.

For fitness fans, this is the watch to have. There are 40 workouts that can be tracked – everything from running, cycling, yoga, crunches, deadlifts and swimming.

Yes, it’s quite expensive, but for the money, you are getting a robust, highly-functional watch with an eye-catching design.

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