This is how social commerce works [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: February 12, 2018
social commerce in action

Social commerce is a fairly new concept where eCommerce and social media firms work together. The simple aim of social commerce is to allow shoppers to use social networks to buy stuff online.

From shoppable Instagram feeds to ‘Buy’ buttons on Pinterest and YouTube, social commerce is reshaping the online shopping world as we know it. Even multinational eCommerce corporations are taking up this trend. A great example is eBay’s ‘Daily Deals’ on Facebook.

According to Facebook, about 450 million users visit buy-and-sell groups on a monthly basis. With that in mind, Facebook rolled out a new service called Marketplace in October 2016. This concept is pretty much the same one that eCommerce giants like eBay and Amazon use.

Users of this social media platform can now browse through eBay Daily Deals through Facebook’s mobile app. This is where eBay’s ShopBot bot comes into play, and helps customers narrow down their search. After all, there are more than a billion listings on eBay. With the Daily Deals feature, customers can get free shipping, unique discounts, and PayPal guarantees.

As outlined in the infographic below, from 16best, major social media platforms are becoming more commercial, while eCommerce platforms are becoming more social, and the social commerce trend is gaining in popularity with each passing day.

How social commerce works

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