Twitter joins with Safe Ireland to help victims of domestic violence

By: July 3, 2020
help for abuse at home in ireland

Twitter is partnering with Safe Ireland to help battle domestic abuse. A new feature on Twitter means that when people in Ireland search for domestic violence supports on Twitter, they will be directed to help provided by Safe Ireland.

Safe Ireland says its 39 member organisations across Ireland have seen a surge in calls since people began emerging from lockdown. Mainly women and children are presenting with the double trauma of lockdown and months of abuse.

“Now that we are emerging from lockdown it is vital that survivors of domestic violence know that there are expert supports available in communities throughout the country,” says Mary McDermott, Co-CEO of Safe Ireland.

“This partnership with Twitter helps to get the message directly to survivors, and those close to them, that they are not alone and that they do not have to live with abuse and control in their homes, not in lockdown, not ever. It is so important that we continue to bring this type of voice and visibility to the issue of domestic violence.”

There is help
This initiative is an expansion of Twitter’s #ThereIsHelp initiative, which provides resources to vulnerable people and encourages them to reach out and get support when they need it.

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