Meet IBM’s Watson – media buyer and mobile marketer

By: January 31, 2017
IBM Watson in dublin

Since winning Jeopardy! back in 2011, IBM’s supercomputer Watson has been looking for work.
Watson’s latest venture is data gathering and analytics and is offering his/her/its services to the marketing departments at firms like General Motors, Slack and Pearson.

Michael Trapani, the product marketing manager for Watson will be in Dublin on February 9, 2017 at the 3XE conference in Croke Park.
Trapani, will, among other things, share how Watson is “transforming the way really successful marketing teams are using [mobile] data to deliver winning campaigns”.

IBM has already started to use Watson, to plan and buy media in the UK. READ MORE.

Watch Watson in action.

3XE Digital will bring together many top digital marketers, under one roof, for a full day of learning, sharing and networking. Speakers include:
Michael Trapani – Product Marketing Manager, IBM Watson Marketing, New York
Louise Phelan – Vice President, Continental Europe, Middle East & Africa Paypal, Ireland
David Nihill – Founder, FunnyBizz, San Francisco
Paul Carton – Digital Media Manager, Vodafone, Ireland
Matthew Umbro – Associate Director of Services, Search – Hanapin Marketing, Boston
Lexi Mills – VP, Manyminds, North America
Alan Coleman – Wolfgang Digital, Ireland
Aleyda Solis – Founder, Orainti, Spain
Garrett Mehrguth – President and CEO, Directive Consulting, San Diego
Karen McHugh – Digital Marketing Strategist, Arekibo, Ireland
Nicola Byrne, CEO, Cloud90
Greg Fry, Founder, Content Plan
Jane Morgan, Global Director, JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy
Gavin Haney, Performance Specialist, Google
Anthony Quigley, Founder, The Digital Marketing Institute

Here’s a detailed biography on each speaker.

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