What is Twitter Circle, and how to use it?

By: August 30, 2022
What is Twitter Circle

Twitter has launched a new feature Twitter Circle and says it is ‘a new way to tweet to a smaller crowd’. For anyone familiar with Whatsapp, this new feature on Twitter should be easy to understand.

With Twitter Circle, people can choose who can see and engage with their content on a tweet-by-tweet basis. “This makes it easier to have more intimate conversations and build closer connections with select followers,” says Twitter.

“We began testing Twitter Circle in May 2022, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So starting today, we’re making this highly-requested feature available to everyone on iOS, Android, and Twitter.com globally.”

Choosing your circle
Before you post on Twitter, you’ll now see an option to share your tweet with either your circle or your full followers’ list.

Circles can contain up to 150 people, and you can adjust who’s in and who’s out at any time. Twitter also says no one will be notified of any changes you make to your circle.

Tweets sent to your circle will appear with a green badge underneath them. They can only be seen by those you’ve selected to be in your circle and cannot be retweeted or shared.

Additionally, all replies to circle tweets are private, even if your Twitter account is public.

You can find more info about Twitter Circle here.

Why did Twitter introduce Twitter Circle?
Twitter says allowing people to share thoughts with a select group of followers helps make tweeting more accessible.

The people who tested the feature said it made them more comfortable tweeting and expressing themselves.

“Twitter Circle eliminates the fear of the wrong person seeing the wrong Tweet and has allowed me to connect more honestly and purposefully with my followers which is what Twitter is all about,” says @itszaeok

“I love Twitter Circle because it allows you to curate a community within your community. Someone like me who has a larger platform can’t always be as open and connected with my friends the way I want to on Twitter, so this allows me to be able to connect with my broader audience, as well as my personal friends all on the same timeline,” says @seangarrette

Some results from the Twitter Circle test include:
* Increased overall tweeting (both within and outside of circles)
* Increased tweet engagement rate on circle tweets (likes and replies)

Here’s what some of the early testers also had to say:
“LGBTQ+ youth often opt to creating separate private accounts to feel more comfortable sharing online with people who accept their sexual orientation or gender identity. Twitter Circle puts power into the hands of people on Twitter by creating a new way for them to control how they show up online and feel safe expressing themselves,” says a Twitter Trust & Safety Council member

Click here to compose your first circle tweet.

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