What is Wordle and why is it on Twitter so much?

By: January 11, 2022
what is wordle

Wordle is a free, online word game created by software engineer Josh Wardle.

As you may have noticed, on Twitter, there’s a new daily word game called Wordle, which fills your feed with little yellow, green, and grey squares.

It requires six guesses to reveal the five-letter word of the day. The brain tickler includes a “share to Twitter” function, and people have been Tweeting about their new obsessions, frustrations, and failed attempts.

It seems that Twitter can be a place where some games grow to become mainstream, with Wordle’s popularity on Twitter in Ireland experiencing an average daily growth of 43% since New Year’s Day.

Globally, Twitter mentions of the game have grown 1,764% since December 23 and 236% since an NYT article was published on January 3. Have you given in to the Wordle temptation yet?

Where can I play Wordle?
The game is available to play for free here.

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