What’s the best computer to buy for less than €100?

By: September 9, 2020
best computer for 100 dollars

If you want to buy a computer for less than 100 bucks (dollars, euro or pounds), then you have to opt for the Raspberry Pi 4. It is such an interesting and powerful little computer.

You can buy one by clicking the image above.

And here’s the best part, there is a brilliant online course by Axel Mammitzsch.

Axel will teach you how to get the most out of this lovely piece of tech and all for only 17 bucks. Nice.

25 video lessons waiting for you in the complete course. Sign up now.
Lesson 1: What is a Raspberry PI?
Lesson 2: What exciting projects already exist?
Lesson 3: Which models are available and which one is right for me?
Lesson 4: Where can I buy a Raspberry Pi + accessories?
Lesson 5: Technical data and interfaces of the Raspberry PI
Lesson 6: What can I do with a Raspberry Pi after the first start?
Lesson 7: Downloading the operating system from the Internet
Lesson 8: Installing the operating system on the microSD card (PC+Mac)
Lesson 9: Installing the operating system with NOOBS
Lesson 10: Using a monitor to setup the Raspberry Pi
Lesson 11: Setup the Raspberry Pi without a monitor (headless installation)
Lesson 12: microSD backup & image recovery
Lesson 13: Delete the microSD card (Mac + PC)
Lesson 14: Which projects are software-based possible?
Lesson 15: Software Project: PI-Hole network-wide advertising blocker
Lesson 16: Software Project: Homebridge (example: lamp control)
Lesson 17: Software Project: Webmin for system administration
Lesson 18: Software Project: RetroPi (Game Console) + Kodi (Media Center)
Lesson 19: Which sensors can I connect to the Raspberry Pi?
Lesson 20: Hardware Project: camera module
Lesson 21: Hardware Project: Soil Moisture Module
Lesson 22: Hardware Project: Light Sensitivity Module
Lesson 23: Hardware Project: Laser Beam Module
Lesson 24: Introduction to programming with Scratch
Lesson 25: Introduction to programming with Thonny (Python)

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